About Me

My name is Domergue Willingham, sole owner of Massage 4 Life mobile massage. I am a licensed certified massage therapist with a passion to serve others by helping to improve their quality of life. I’m interested in offering my services to individuals that sit behind a desk or stand on their feet all day and suffer with neck, shoulder, and/or back pain. I would like to provide this service at the convenience and flexibility of the client. I would be delighted to travel to your residence or office and offer massages in a space that is conducive and comfortable for you.

Please take a look below at some of the highlights about me and (M4L).


-Dedicated to serving others by helping to improve their quality of life to see them thrive through prayer and massage therapy-

-I have been a practicing massage therapist for the past 8 years
-I have 3 years of specialized training in medical, therapeutic, and sports massage
-I focus on issues regarding the neck, shoulder, and back
-I target individuals that sit at a desk or stand on their feet all day
-I am currently serving patients in a thriving chiropractic office
-I also run a mobile business where I massage in your home or space of choice
-I have a 95% healing & recovery success rate with my patients
-Work with others involved in patient treatment to formulate the most efficient care plan
-Education and knowledge of injuries and proper treatments for recovery
-Flexible to meet the needs of the residence
-Dedicated to the serving the team and the vision of the organization

I look forward to speaking with you soon and hopefully a future partnership.